About FBP Limited


Look forwards, not backwards? 


Look up and not down?


Well actually, look all around you.



As a commercial property consultancy we undertake many activities for many different and diverse clients.


On behalf of clients we have negotiated rent reviews on retail units, restaurants, offices, industrial units, storage sites, medical and veterinary premises.


Our clients lead us to many towns, cities, villages and on occasion, overseas with each task having it's own special circumstances.



We have acquired retail units, offices, industrial and warehouse premises, storage sites and veterinary premises for occupiers.


We have disposed of retail, office and industrial premises, and negotiated and co-ordinated professional teams in the process of surrender of surplus commercial property accommodation. 


Your project or task will be carefully considered and advice provided in a cost effective manner. Our expertise enables us to quickly discover which aspects need to be considered in particular detail.


For more information including a no-obligation consultation on a particular property related issue, please feel free to make contact.